At Steve Iva Consulting we focus on performance and transparency. As a result of many years of E-Commerce experience, we have found out that successful E-Commerce stores master three things really well.

They know how to build their online store, how to write their product descriptions and how to drive traffic to their store.

This is why we at Steve Iva Consulting have made it our goal to support our customers along with these three areas. We’re offering a 360-degree service, including SEO, Shop Development and Copywriting/Product Descriptions Writing.

With us, you get everything from one source and no longer have to employ several agencies to keep your E-Commerce going. This saves you time and money.

Check out the following links to have a look at our individual services:

One-Time Project or Ongoing Support Program

Starting a business is hard. Running one is even harder. No matter if you have a lower budget, would like to grow your business step-by-step, or just want to outsource operations so you can concentrate on other things: we’re happy to help! 

With our tailored-month-to-month services, we can help you run your e-commerce store on autopilot. We will take care of your SEO, reporting, tech, content and product management, and we are always available to assist you with any other questions or concerns you may have. 

And the best thing is: we’ll set you up with a super flexible contract. If you’re having a hard time or simply don’t need our services for a specific period of time, that’s totally fine with us. You can always put off months, freeze the contract or even cancel it on a month-to-month basis.