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Nestify Review: Speed and Storage Sensitive WordPress Hosting

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Nestify is one of the dozens, if not hundreds, of options if you are looking for a new website host. Some users are looking for only the best features, some the best price, and all everything in between. To help you decide if Nestify is right for you, we’ve researched to provide you with an unbiased review of Nestify as a hosting provider.

What Is Nestify?

Nestify is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider that is powered by AWS. In a nutshell, that just means that the websites that Nestify hosts are using Amazon Web Service servers and their CPUs. Hosting your WordPress site on those AWS servers is a big part of why Nestify prides itself on speed and reliability.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting With Nestify

Nestify was initially created as a WordPress hosting service from the team’s work building infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies. The Nestify team never found the robust and scalable hosting solution they needed and knew that others would be looking for the same thing to host and grow their WordPress websites, so Nestify was born.

As a fully managed web host, Nestify wants to take care of the technical backend of your website to allow you to focus on the front end of your business.

Nestify Review: What About the Basics?

When providing a review for a hosting provider, it’s easy to get caught up on what features it has (or doesn’t have). However, considering a fully managed hosting provider like Nestify, you can’t forget that your site relies on more than just the bells and whistles.

To properly review Nestify, we will look at four critical areas: features, pricing, security, and support.

By combining the results from these four areas, we’ll be able to determine what kind of review verdict Nestify deserves and whether we would recommend them as a WordPress hosting provider.

Nestify Review Criteria #1: Features

Nestify Review: Features

Any WordPress host review could dive into dozens of features under the hood. Rather than trying to focus on every possible thing you get access to with Nestify, this review will analyze how Nestify stacks up, looking only at what we believe are essential features for building a successful WordPress site:

  • Available hosting types
  • Email accounts
  • Backups
  • Storage space
  • Additional services

Available Hosting Types With Nestify

As a managed WordPress site host provider, it is not surprising that the only type of hosting that Nestify provides is related to WordPress. Granted, it offers several types of WordPress-specific hosting, so at least you aren’t limited to a single type.

Generic WordPress hosting is a given, but Nestify “branches out” and offers hosting for WooCommerce too. They also separate High Traffic WooCommerce and Enterprise WordPress hosting as separate solution offerings, which is interesting, since the only real differences in the features listed are the keywords the pages are optimized for. With the limited information about what extra features come with these hosting solutions, and calls-to- action to schedule a call or book a demo, they are likely the same Nestify service, with upgraded storage and speed depending on your selected plan.

At face value, WooCommerce and the others cannot be considered valid additional hosting types as part of this review of Nestify as a WordPress host, leaving us with just WordPress as a single hosting type.

Email Accounts

Unfortunately, this is one area where Nestify simply doesn’t deliver. With no mention of Nestify-hosted email accounts anywhere on its website, and a brief response to their support team, it’s clear that Nestify does not offer email accounts with any of its subscriptions.

Nestify Managed Website Backups

One of the primary benefits of Nestify being a fully managed hosting subscription are the features that make it “fully managed.” With daily, automated backups and the ability to perform on-demand backups, you can rest assured that a Nestify hosted site will have your back.

If there is ever a time when you need to access your data or roll things back to how it was yesterday, Nestify is undoubtedly one of the platforms your business can rely on.

Nestify Review: Scale on Demand

All the Storage Space

Nestify offers a variety of storage capabilities on its different plans. Depending on your Nestify subscription package, you can get anywhere from 10 GB of NVMe SSD storage on the cheapest plan up to 600 GB on the most expensive flat-rate plan. 

If you need more than 600 GB of storage for your WordPress hosting, Nestify also has a custom option that can scale beyond that. You can buy almost anything for a price, and that includes storage when it comes to Nestify WordPress hosting.

Additional Nestify Services

Several always-included features are worth mentioning when reviewing the different available Nestify subscriptions. Not only does Nestify offer free SSL on every plan, but they also include a staging site, unlimited traffic, unlimited free WordPress migrations to the Nestify platform, and free CDN.

In addition, while we don’t consider it “essential” for starting a WordPress site, this review would be incomplete without discussing one of Nestify’s key additional features: optimization. Utilizing AWS servers is one thing, but Nestify also boasts Google Page Speed optimization, giving you a leg up over your competition to dominate SERPs and gain (or maintain) high traffic levels.

Nestify Review Criteria #2: Pricing

Nestify Review: Pricing

Nestify offers several different WordPress hosting plans with vastly different pricing depending on what sort of speed and storage capabilities you require.

For starters, Nestify offers a 7-day free trial before you need a subscription and pay for anything, backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. The free trial includes unlimited site migrations, speed optimization, and a WordPress security audit. Seven days isn’t much, but it is enough to get you off the ground, and if you really aren’t happy with the service you have those 60 days to get a refund.

From there, Nestify has 12 different WordPress hosting subscription plans that from $12/m up $1199/m. The only differences between the pricing plans are the amount of storage, number of dedicated CPUs, and the amount of RAM.

Having that many different subscriptions seems like overkill, but it is very helpful for Nestify users, who never end up having to pay more than they need.  On top of that, Nestify users can switch between monthly or yearly subscriptions as needed, so they will never be trapped in a contract they can’t afford or don’t want.

Nestify Review Criteria #3: Security

Nestify Review: Security

Whatever kind of website you run, security needs to be a priority. When you run a business, this is even more crucial.

If your website goes down because it didn’t have adequate security measures in place, customers will be angry with you, not your website host — even if it might be your host’s fault and not yours.

Luckily, Nestify has all the bases covered regarding WordPress hosting security. With automatic WordPress updates, free SSL on all subscriptions, and custom SSL certificates available on all subscriptions that are $39/m and up, that is an area you certainly won’t have to worry about.

On top of that, Nestify’s platform is built around the stability and reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS accounts for over 30% of the cloud services providers market, so partnering with Nestify to host your WordPress site gives you an added sense of security that not every WordPress host can provide.

If something ever did somehow happen to your site, Nestify WordPress hosting also includes daily automatic backups. Even in that worst-case scenario, Nestify protects your previous data, so you can revert to a previous safe state.

Nestify Review Criteria #4: Support

Nestify Review: Support

Another area where Nestify prides itself is in its support offering. Not every WordPress host provides excellent support, but Nestify goes above and beyond to ensure potential customers know that it is front of mind for the Nestify team.

Nestify lists their 24×7 support as a named feature and even includes it on the pricing page as a service provided on every subscription plan.

When investigating the service itself for this review, we discovered that Nestify provides support via three different channels. The Nestify app has an always-present chat widget that allows users to talk directly with the support team to discuss any issues or questions about the hosting service. Additionally, the top navigation of the Nestify app includes a link to submit and track more format support tickets easily, or you can always email the support via the email listed in the website footer.

We reached out to the Nestify team with a question via email, to see what the response was like, and heard back very quickly with a brief, but customized response that helped us on our way.

Whether big or small, it seems that Nestify puts a high priority on providing excellent customer support.

Nestify Alternatives

Nestify Review: Alternatives

A common tactic among SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) businesses is to get ahead of objections and directly address questions about how they stack up against competitors. Nestify dives headfirst into this for their own managed WordPress hosting services.

In their website footer, Nestify links to landing pages that compare them with their most common competitors, like SiteGround, Bluehost, and Kinsta, among others. While these pages might seem helpful for comparing Nestify to others on technical specs and pricing, it’s difficult for users to rely on reviews that aren’t provided by a third party.

For a direct comparison of WordPress hosting providers like SiteGround and Flywheel, or even Nestify, you’re better off not going to the software developers themselves for those reviews.

For example, in their hosting comparison with SiteGround, Nestify claims to have a better entry-level price. In addition, it notes that Siteground does not provide site migration or indicate how much traffic it allows on a paid subscription. However, with a tiny bit of Googling, you can see that Siteground is substantially cheaper, offers free site migration, and sets various traffic limits depending on the subscription level.

Those comparison pages might be great for their own search engine optimization, but really aren’t designed for users to determine which hosting provider to use. Rather than trying to point out (incorrectly) why their competitors aren’t great, the Nestify team should focus on explaining why their own features are worth signing up for.


Nestify Review: WordPress Hosting

All in all, Nestify has a great managed WordPress hosting service. It provides some exciting and unique features like Google Page Speed optimization and the stability and reliability of running on AWS that you won’t find from many other WordPress hosting providers. Free standard SSL and other state-of-the-art backup and security features make Nestify a solid managed service provider for your WordPress site.

Nestify could be a viable option for you if you’re looking to get your WordPress site up and running quickly, or if you’re less technically savvy and looking for help getting set up, or migrating from a different WordPress host.

However, even with all the bells and whistles, with a steeper entry level price, custom SSL certificates that are gated to higher priced plans, and complete lack of email, there are definitely web hosting services that would be better value for your subscription fees.

What’s your opinion on Nestify as a WordPress hosting service?  Let us know in the comments, and thank you for reading.

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